About Seven Spires

One fateful day in Boston, some years ago, two immortals crossed paths in a bookstore. He was of many, many notes, and she was of darkness and the old world. Such was the birth of Seven Spires, and so it shall always be. With the fortunate additions of old friends Chris and Peter, the family was complete: though young in countenance, the four were armed with highly specialised training from Berklee College of Music, as well as an insatiable drive to earn that which they hungered for: the world.


In their early years, they shared bills with the likes of Arch Enemy, Apocalyptica, Sonata Arctica, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Epica, The Agonist, Butcher Babies, Amaranthe, Kreator, Huntress, Carach Angren, and others. They completely sold out of records, twice, and then ventured to Gate Studios in Wolfsburg, Germany to finish recording their new album with the illustrious Sascha Paeth. 


A full-length record and promising opportunities loom on Seven Spires’ horizon. Share an evening with them this Spring in New England!

Metal Hammer (Germany) -- “Tougher tracks such as ‘Paradox’ or ‘Burn’ compliment the symphonic metal elements, so you sometimes feel like you already have the new Dimmu Borgir...” 


Rock Hard (Germany) review of Solveig 7.5/10 -- “Spires are one of the most untypical symphonic metal bands I’ve ever seen.”


PowerPlay Magazine (UK) review of Solveig 10/10 -- “Captivating from start to finish, Solveig captures every nuance that the subject matter deserves and will appeal to anyone who loves their metal symphonically and emotionally charged, with the only downside being Seven Spires have set the bar so high for themselves that even Robert Wadlow would struggle to reach his pint.”


RockGarage (Italy) -- "Surely the best symphonic metal expression from America we've ever heard." 


Lady Obscure Music Magazine (US) review of Solveig 5/5 -- "There are many bands in today’s landscape who try to incorporate as many different metal genres into their music, most sounding like a cacophonous wall of noise, but Seven Spires pulls it off seamlessly which is all the more impressive considering their short history together. Mark my word; Seven Spires is a band that has great things in store for them. Solveig is in the running for my metal debut of the year."


Dead Rhetoric (US) -- “Solveig is an album made by musicians who want to change the game. Not confined by mere genre conventions and tropes, Seven Spires goes the distance to create a theatrical album that flows between beauty and extremity, and all points between. The sky is the limit as they continue onwards.


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