1M+ Spotify Streams of "Solveig"

Saw this on our Spotify for Artists today: 1M streams on our first album, “Solveig”. 

Don’t know what else to say, except for thanks a lot for supporting us since the beginning. :)


Bass Playthrough of "The Cursed Muse"

Pete made a playthrough for "The Cursed Muse"!

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FM6OEsTdiZw 

A note from Pete: "I typically like to do playthrough videos as the 'live version' of our songs, so you may notice that some of the fills are…

New Single "The Cursed Muse" out now via Frontiers Music srl!

Our brand new single, “The Cursed Muse”, is out today! 

Listen HERE: https://orcd.co/cursedmuse 

"The Cursed Muse” is the reintroduction of our exhausted hero from the previous two albums. Haunted by demons of the past, this sea-captain-turned-psychopomp contemplates their future: a…


Tour Cancellation Recovery

Our tour with Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum was cancelled after just one show in Philadelphia. We lost significant band funds, personal investments, and the income we were counting on earning from this tour, which were all supposed to go…


Emerald Seas: First Video and Single "Succumb"

Here it is, the first video & single from our new album, "Emerald Seas". Please enjoy 'Succumb' and let us know what you think! Frontiers Music srl will release the new album on February 14, 2020. 

And catch us on…