We're on AiiRadio's Symphonic Female Fronted Bands Poll Show

We are so pleased to be included in AiiRadio.net's Symphonic Female Fronted Bands 2nd Annual Poll Results Show today, January 16! We'll be in the chat room starting at 4pm EST--hope you'll join us :)

* * *

9pm(UK)..10pm(CET).. 4pm(EST)..8am(Melbourne)..

'THE Female Fronted Symphonic Rock And Metal Show...2014 Poll Results Show...(part one)'..!

Listen live via http://www.aiiradio.net/ or... http://www.stream.aiiradio.net/
or... http://mobile.livestream.com/aiiradionet

Since September, listeners have been voting for albums/eps released in 2014.

Nearly 40 albums attracted 1200+ votes, via the event page, and e-mail.

In tonight's show, we'll hear music from many of the nominees...(the Top 5 will feature on Monday's (part two) show)...including Winter In Eden.. Evenoire.. Ex Libris.. Heliosaga.. Divine Ascension.. Conspiracy of Seven.. Ancient Bards.. Living Shields.. Lapis Lazuli.. MindMaze.. Whispering Tales.. MaterDea.. Savn .. Eyevory.. Collibus.. Seventh Sin.. Temtris.. Esseker .. EnkElination.. Seven Spires.. and more..

Join the chatroom..http://www.chat.aiiradio.net/

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